Health & Safety DVD – “It’s Just An Office Darling!”

“It’s Just an Office Darling” – a fresh approach to health & safety training in the office.

Modern • Entertaining • Thought provoking

Who should buy this training film?

From small to large organisations, this health and safety training film is relevant to people at all levels, whether the office junior or the MD. The accompanying training material can be tailored to the audience and is ideal for induction training, injecting variety into a general health and safety awareness course or enlivening a refresher course.

The following key office issues are covered:

  • DSE
  • Lifting
  • Falling from heights
  • Trips and slips from the same level
  • Smoking
  • Fire and electricity
  • Health and safety management
  • Risk assessments

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What people had to say about the film…

‘The film really gets the message across without being patronising.’
JP, Delegate, DoubleTake Software

‘It’s so refreshing to see a health and safety film that’s modern and relevant to today’s working environment.’
CY, Director, Solve the Web

‘From a trainer’s perspective, being able to choose scenes from the film to reinforce a message is a real bonus.’
MV, H&S Trainer, Virgo Consultants

About the DVD

DVD includes Trainers Notes which have been designed to support a number of different training situations, including induction, general awareness and refresher training.

  • Scripted and directed by an experienced health and safety professional in consultation with specialists in the field
  • A cast that are not just acting the part, but really do the jobs they are portraying in real life
  • Key health and safety issues within specific work areas are woven into an amusing story that everyone can relate to
  • Suitable for SMEs and large organisations
  • Focused on producing training material that is relevant and accessible in today’s working environments

The Story

Bev and Rita, Directors of Pink Cabbage Marketing, are returning from a shopping trip when Suzie, the office manager responsible for health and safety, phones to tell them that an HSE inspector is due to call that afternoon. The audience are drawn into the story as the company prepares for the visit, providing impact, amusement and illustrating what could happen if they get health and safety wrong – or in this case, the benefits of getting it right!

Approximate running time 13 minutes.

It’s Just an Office Darling! was written and directed by Rebecca Russell. It is available to purchase from Amazon.

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